Friday, July 2, 2010

Update on the Summer O' Productivity

June??? Where did you go???

On May 14th, I posted my list of activities that I wanted to accomplish this summer. Since it is 4th of July this weekend, it seems a good point to check in as the summer is roughly HALF OVER!!!!

The Summer Activity List was as follows (see the updates in green):
1. Prep content changes for OT Process course.
I have THOUGHT about this quite a bit, but do not have anything on paper yet.
2. Mentor students on Community Projects.
This in ongoing. The students seem to be doing well and I have reviewed some drafts this week. Their presentations are on July 23rd.
3. Prep activities for Belize course in August.
This too is ongoing. We leave on August 7th!
4. Complete scholarship review process for TSAHP.
I have recevied the nominations and am forming the committee to review them.
5. Prepare review of supervision guidelines for TOTA.
This is not actually needed until November so I haven't started on it yet.
6. Continue data analysis on Project #1.
I got as far as I could on this one by mid-June and will be pursuing additional support for continued data analysis.
7. Present preliminary data on Project #1.
Completed - it went pretty well.
8. Complete data analysis for Project #2.
This is about 3/4 done.
9. Write first article (with colleague) for Project #2.
This is in progress and on track for completion by the end of the summer.
10. Complete Project #3 wiki.
I am making progress on this and it is really turning out to be a good tool, so this has gone better than I anticipated.
11. Write article for Project #3.
I hope to finish this next week.
12. Continue work on Project #4.
13. Complete Project #4 wiki.
I have actually combined Project #3 and #4 so the wiki is serving for both projects.
14. Prepare Project #4 materials for Fall symposium.
This will happen in August.
15. Write concept paper.
Haven't worked on this.
16. Last but not least...keeping up with this blog!!!!!
This has been poor at best. I think about what to write, but still have difficulty committing to writing on an idea or topic.

That sums it up for now! Looking at the update, I do feel good about the progress in several areas, but I am just concerned that these next weeks are going to fly by and it will be mid-August before I know it!

Happy 4th of July!