Thursday, January 27, 2011

Publishing Purgatory - R&R

I recognized the name of the sender of the email. Anticipation built as I prepared to open the message....was the editor of the journal to which I had submitted one of my first articles going to tell me that it was the best submission they had received this year or that it was the worst one they had ever received?!?!?! For a moment, it almost felt as if my potential to succeed in an academic career hinged on this one message.


Dr. Piernik-Yoder:

We sincerely appreciate your recent submission to our esteemed journal. Yada Yada Yada.....Three reviewers have taken time to review your work and have rendered an opinion on your work. Yada Yada Yada............We would like to infrom you that........................[Here it comes!!!! I can hardly bear it!!!!!] your submission will require further revision.

____ Best submission (ever!!!). You should be offered tenure by your instituion on the spot!!!

_X__ Revise and resubmit. You have earned a ticket to the purgutory of publishing!!

____ Worst submission (ever!!!). Are you sure you spent years in graduate school?

------------------------------------------------------- what I am supposed to do?!?! I was done with this article. It was off of my "To DO" list. I was moving on to other things. Now I have to work on it...again!?!? I will admit that this process feels a bit like graduate school all over again: work really hard on something and hold your breath until you are told what change should be made.

Not that I was REALLY expecting it to get accepted without any changes, but what do I do with the reviewers comments? One said add more in this section, the other two said that section was good. So can I take the two out three vote and leave it alone? Probably not...

I feel as if this is the start of an ongoing process....a world of academic limbo....Revise and Resubmit...could it be Publishing Purgatory???

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