Monday, May 10, 2010

Recommitting to blogging!

Having just returned from WFOT 2010, I am still trying to organize my thoughts and ideas about the amazing experience. One thing that I did leave with was a excitement about connecting with a group who is committed to the use of technology in OT. Blogging was discussed at the workshop and it made me want to recommit to my blogging efforts.

After finding my password to the blog site I set up at the end of last year, I was pretty impressed to see that my last entry was...January!!!! I knew I had not integrated blogging into my routine, but I hadn't realized I lost track quite that quickly!!

Nonetheless, at the end of the semester, it seems like an ideal time to grow my skills in this area and hopefully continue to connect with the global OT community. As the revised name of the blog suggests, my goals will be to explore various aspects of OT, OT education, and to share useful resources. And to post more than once every four months!!!

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  1. Hey Bridget - found you and well done you for recommitting- I have done similarly - you may want to check it out... is my blog!