Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First of my classes for Spring 2010

Although the semester actually started yesterday, my first class is today. This is my first class with our first year students, so it is always exciting to get to know them really for the first time.

I have made some pretty substantial changes in the course, which I vacillate between being very excited about and somewhat nervous about. I have moved much of the lecture content out of the course by developing (or I am in the process of developing) audio modules that correspond to slides most topics. This will give the students the choice to either complete the readings or complete the audio learning modules PRIOR to class. We will spend the first part of class clarifying concepts as needed, then spend the class time in various application activities.

I am excited about it because it will give the students choices in how they cover the foundational material in preparation for class. Most importantly, it will allow us to spend our class time in various learning activities to solidify the material for the students. Doing this also enabled me to give them several open class periods where I will be available for consultation on their projects, but will provide some additional work time for them.

So the Spring 2010 is off to hopeful start!!!

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